We’re taking action on poverty. Join us.

Start by taking The Pledge and stay in touch with us to help organizing for an end to poverty in BC. Poverty costs us all. In addition to the direct human costs of poverty in BC, the lack of provincial government action costs us as much as $9 billion a year.

The next BC provincial election is May 9, 2017. We want all parties and every candidate to commit to raising disability and welfare rates to a livable level and keeping them there as a first step towards eradicating poverty. Contact your BC MLA and let them know you want them to take action against poverty now.

Social assistance rates have been falling farther behind the cost of living for more than a decade. Meanwhile, the BC government has shifted the tax burden to benefit corporations and the very rich at the expense of the rest of us.

Welfare rates have not been raised above $610 for a single person since 2007! Disability rates were raised by a meagre $77/month  in 2016 – an increase that was effectively canceled out by clawbacks to transit subsidies.

We need to act now!

As the provincial election draws closer, more and more people are recognizing that poverty, housing and homelessness is the most important issue facing British Columbia today. The crisis is directly affecting a rapidly growing number of people –  especially those in the most marginalized communities –  Indigenous peoples, immigrants and refugees, and people living with disabilities.

The provincial government claims it can’t afford to raise social assistance rates, but the numbers tell a very different story. While British Columbians have faced the effects of severe social service cuts, the richest  20 per cent of BC residents and corporations have enjoyed significant tax cuts.

We can’t afford NOT to raise the rates.

Poverty is not inevitable, it is a political choice. Our provincial government can choose to eradicate poverty through new policies and adequate funding to essential programs and public services. These actions would save money and make BC a happier and healthier place for everyone.

Raising welfare and disability rates is the first step in eradicating poverty and restoring communities. We call on the provincial government to raise income assistance and disability rates to a livable level that reflects the real cost of living.

Keep in touch with us as we roll out our campaign – we’ll be calling on you to let your  local candidates from ALL parties know that your vote will only go to those who commit to raising welfare and disability rates if elected next May.

Raising the rates is an important first step. Click here to learn more about ending poverty in BC.

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