We Can’t Afford Poverty Campaign Pledge

We Can’t Afford Poverty Campaign Pledge

I pledge to vote for the candidate in the 2017 BC election who commits to ending poverty, starting with raising social assistance to livable levels.
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Poverty costs us all. In addition to the direct human toll of poverty in BC, inaction and criminalization costs us up to $9 billion a year. Addressing poverty through improving public services and increasing social assistance would actually save $5-6 billion per year.

BC has one of Canada’s highest poverty rates. We need our government to make the political choice to end poverty. Welfare rates haven’t been raised in a decade, making it even harder for people to get out of poverty. Taking comprehensive action to end poverty will save money and make BC a healthier place for everyone.

More and more people see housing, homelessness and poverty as the top issue facing BC today. The impacts are even deeper among Indigenous peoples, immigrants and refugees, people living with disabilities, and other marginalized communities.

It’s time tell all candidates in the May 2017 BC election that we demand immediate action to end poverty, starting with raising welfare and disability rates.

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